I specialise in going in to businesses who do not have a full time accounting resource and need some one-off assistance. This could be becuase:

    · Your books are in a mess because the business has grown or changed in shape.

    · You want to understand why the business is not generating as much cash as it should be.

    · A new accounting package has been put in place but there are a legacy of problems arising from the changeover

    · The bookkeeping appears to be being done in an inefficient way (e.g. duplication of data entry).

    · The books are about to go off to the accountant but need tidying up first

    · The bank wants some up to date accounts in order to review/extend a loan.

    · You are thinking of selling the business and need a clearer picture of its worth.

    · You are thinking of buying another business or making a major capital investment and need to forecast your cashflow more accurately to ensure you keep within your borrowing limits.

    · The bookkeeper has left and you want to hand over the books to a new bookkeeper in a clean state

Whatever the reason I am called in, even if it is just to provide a healthcheck, I expect to add some value during my visit. This could be in the form of:

    · Identifying additional VAT to be claimed

    · Identifying debts to be chased

    · Advice on banking arrangements

    · Saving time through streamlining bookkeeping processes

    · Creating routine reports for use in managing the business

You will find that my services are considerably more cost-effective than those of a firm of chartered accountants because I don’t have their overheads or compliance costs. I also provide a more personalised and flexible service than most accounting firms and can draw on a wider range of experience, having spent much of my career in commerce.

Initial visits/discussions are free and can be arranged at any time to suit the client. I subsequently charge by the hour.